MAGIC WHITE MAGIC; 오늘날의 하얀방을 그토록 색다르고, 멋지게 만드는 것은 무엇인가?

Soohyun Koo solo exhibition

구수현 개인전

2018.10.20 - 11.08 / 11am-7pm *월요일 closed


후원 서울문화재단

© 2018 Soohyun Koo

디스위켄드룸은 2018년 10월 20일부터 11월 8일까지 구수현의 개인전 <MAGIC WHITE MAGIC; 오늘날의 하얀방을 그토록 색다르고, 멋지게 만드는 것은 무엇인가?>를 개최한다.

리차드 해밀턴의 작품 제목을 빌려온 이 전시는 오늘날 전시장이라는 제도화된 공간을 이루고 있는 사물들의 발원과 그 조형적 가치를 묻는다. 그리고 동시대미술 전시장만의 미장센을 탐구함으로써 대량생산과 유통구조가 만들어내는 스타일이라는 것이 어떻게 작동하고 있는지를 다룬다.

생각보다 많은 물건이 전시장에 있지만 관람객은 익숙한 혹은 자연스럽게 교육된 전시의 문법 안에서 작품과 제품을 구분할  안다. <MAGIC WHITE MAGIC; 오늘날의 하얀 방을 그토록 색다르고 , 멋지게 만드는 것은 무엇인가?> ‘화이트 매직’과 같이 일상적인 사물도 전시장에서는 그것이 어떤 심미적 수수께끼로 보이게 만드는 현상에 대해 탐구하고우리가 알게 모르게 구분해왔던 작품과 작품 아닌 것들의 경계를 흐리는 시도를 통해 관성적 전시의 문법전시장의 이데올로기에 대해 질문한다.

THISWEEKENDROOM is holding the Soohyun Koo solo exhibition <MAGIC WHITE MAGIC; Just What Is That Makes Today’s White Rooms So Different, So Appealing?> from October 20 to November 8, 2018.

Taking its name from a work by Richard Hamilton, the exhibition inquires into the source and artistic value of the objects that make up the institutionalized space of the exhibition hall today. By delving into the mise-en-scène unique to exhibition settings in contemporary art, it addresses the workings of the style created by mass production and the distribution structure.

There are more objects than we realize in the exhibition hall, but viewers understand how to distinguish works of art from products within an exhibition grammar that is familiar to them or naturally learned. The <MAGIC WHITE MAGIC; Just What Is That Makes Today’s White Rooms So Different, So Appealing?> exhibition examines this phenomenon of “white magic” in which ordinary objects are made to seem like some form of esthetic riddle within the gallery space. By attempting to blur the boundaries we have consciously or unconsciously erected between “art” and “not art,” it interrogates our inertial exhibition grammar and the ideology of the exhibition space.

about Artist

구수현은 사회적 제도와 구조로부터 정해지는 역할과 관계이로 인한 현상에 꾸준한 관심을 가지고 있으며 최근 작업에서는 관찰의 대상을 현대미술 현장으로 구체화해 나가고 있다이는 10 년에 동안 미술현장에서 설치 어시스턴트디자이너지킴이도슨트어시스턴트 큐레이터  다양한 위치에서 일했던 개인적 경험에서 출발한다 현대미술의 현장 속에 있지만  드러나지지 않는 노동의 문제경제 가치실용의 논리 등에 주목하고이에 대한 해석을 작업으로 말하려 하고 있다.

Long interested in the roles and relationships determined by societal institutions and structures and the resulting phenomena, Soohyun Koo has developed recent work that concretizes the objects of her observation into the settings of contemporary art. This originates in her personal experience working in different capacities in art-related environments over the past decade – as an installation assistant, designer, watchdog, docent, and assistant curator, among other roles. Though constantly part of the contemporary art world, she has focused on less-visible issues of labor, economic value, and the logic of practicality, using her work as a way to express her interpretations of them.